OIC In Action


This year's competition was extremely close. In fact, there were so many outstanding teams that the judges deliberated for hours over who would be the next winner.

These teams all recognize their value as an athletic activity whose primary purpose is to support other athletic teams, but they have taken their support to another level. They have managed to cheer for their school's athletic teams, maintain high squad GPA's, and make a difference in their community. They consider themselves full-time cheerleaders for their community, rather than just cheerleaders for the football game on Friday night.

These teams will inspire and challenge you to expand your definition of what a high school cheerleading squad should be.

2004 American School Spirit Award Finalists

Franklin High School
Franklin, North Carolina
Coach Jennifer Turner-Lynn
Squad GPA: 3.3

In addition to creating gigantic run-through banners each week with a new, creative theme, the Panther cheerleaders of Franklin High take time out of their busy schedules to make gifts for the athletes they cheer for. Called, agape gifts, which means love and appreciation, these tokens are given to pump the athletes at Franklin up and show the cheerleaders' support for them. But not only do they give gifts to the football and basketball players they cheer for, the Franklin cheerleaders provide every team member of every sport with goody bags before their big games. Recently, they've begun extending the same gift to the away cheerleaders at their home basketball games.

Franklin cheerleaders packaging school supply kits for OIC

This year, the team began a new service project to assist Operation Iraqi Children (OIC). The organization was founded to collect school supplies for American soldiers to personally deliver to needy children in schools they are helping to rebuild. The Franklin Varsity and Junior Varsity teams joined together to package school supply kits. They included in the kits a letter to the school children and a thank you note to our American soldiers overseas.

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