OIC School Supply Kits Checklist


  •  One pair of blunt-end scissors
  •  One 12-inch ruler with metric markings
  •  12 new pencils with erasers
  •  One small pencil sharpener
  •  One large eraser
  •  One box of colored pencils (Crayons melt in the Iraqi summer heat!)
  •  One package of notebook paper
  •  One composition book
  •  Three folders with inside pockets
  •  One zippered pencil bag

Pack only the listed supplies in a 2-gallon sized zipper seal plastic bag.

Sports equipment or stuffed animals are also appreciated. Appropriate sports equipment might be soccer balls, jump ropes, and frisbees. Please send all balls deflated for air-transport and include a small hand pump for re-inflating.

Please use discretion in choosing your supplies, sports equipment, and stuffed animals. Avoid items that are religious, depict war or conflict, or are strongly gender or age specific.



  • Print the Donor Information Sheet, complete it and send it with each shipment.  If you want to include pictures of, or stories about your groups effort, please do! Send the information to OIC at oicinfo@ptpi.org.
  • Assemble each kit in a backpack or zipper seal bag.  Please enclose no additional items.
  • Use sturdy boxes. Banana boxes work well, but a piece of cardboard or a paper grocery bag will need to be taped over the hole in the top and bottom before shipping.
  • Along with your donations, you may enclose a letter or set of letters from you, your school or your organization to the soldiers who will deliver your packages or to the Iraqi children who will receive them.  You may include photos, or your group assembling packages, and suggest that the soldiers or children send back their own pictures and letters.
  • Do not include any full names or addresses on the letters or pictures.
  • If you have requested a response from the soldiers or children, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Recipients of OIC supplies have been instructed to send replies to donors directly to the OIC Warehouse. We will forward these responses using the provided envelope.
  • Please do not enclose religious or political materials.
  • Be sure that all boxes are securely taped. 
  • In clear, bold writing, address each package to:

Operation International Children

1529 Atlantic

North Kansas City, MO  64116


  • If you have further questions, please contact the OIC Warehouse at 816.241.7321 or OICWarehouse@ptpi.org.



PLEASE NOTE: In order to conform to regulations governing humanitarian assistance, meet customs requirements, and ensure positive impact of the assistance provided, the collaborating partners reserve the right to refuse inappropriate product. In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control should prevent the continued shipment of these supplies, a statement explaining the situation will be made to the public.

Gary entertaining the troops in Iraq

On behalf of Operation International Children,

Thank you,

Gary Sinise and Laura Hillenbrand