Good News From Iraq


Dear OIC Director,

My name is CPT. Wendy Bernard and I am a member of the 874TH Movement Control Team stationed in Northern Iraq. We have launched our own mission known as Operation Helping Hands with the able support of our home batallion, the 436TH Movement Control Battallion, Staten Island, New York and our theatre batallion, the 49TH Movement Control Battalion.

Our operation has made tremendous strides and have included school kit donations, dental hygiene programs, school rebuilding operations, involvement in a local women's union geared to the empowerment of local women and the subsequent improvement of their lives. In essence, we have concentrated on the entire community and have found our work rewarding and gratifying, based on the smiles, hugs and kisses from the local children and adults.

I am writing you because we continue to have a need for school supplies. We would be more than happy to distribute some of the items you recieve and have endless recipients in mind for such contributions. In addition, the spearhead of our efforts back in the United States, Lorrayne Mercier Robbertson, also works dilligently to recieve supplies and has been getting large numbers of donations from the local community as well. I believe you might be able to support our collection efforts there through your shipping program as well. I have included Lorrayne on this correspondence so she can weigh in on this issue.

We appreciate any support you may be able to lend in our endeavor. It is a collective expression of our love for humanity as Americans, despite the attempt of those who would portray our character as anything but loving. The stories on your website are touching and we too have been touched by the stories we have lived

I have enclosed a few pictures from various missions. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

best regards,

Wendy Bernard
CPT, TC Battle Captain,
Ibrahim-Al Khalil/Habur Gate